“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World

Sandra Norval MBA MIEMA CEnv

Sandra is our Managing Director and responsible for the delivery of our core activities from strategic development through to workshops and coaching programmes.

A graduate of the One Planet MBA from Exeter University, she has benefitted from a wealth of experience in multiple sectors. Sandra began to explore a wide range of business functions through her early career in finance. Over the last eight years she has deepened her research to further develop her expertise and focus on sustainable business and environmental management becoming a deeply trusted advisor.

Sandra is a Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and a Chartered Environmentalist. She has created strong management systems for Environmental Management, Energy Management, Quality, and Health and Safety using ISO certifications. She develops these systems by creating frameworks that are fully integrated into the way an organisation functions, making them core to a culture shift and far stronger than 'tick box' methods which merely meet the needs of a standard. Central to these developments in shaping the system is the involvement of key leaders from across the business,and the use of 'champions' who lead change in their own area whilst developing recognisable skills that benefit ongoing growth.

An Executive Coach, accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching, Sandra creates models which provide a rich basis for personal growth for all individuals no matter their background, profession, experience or area of interest. This generates a holistic style of change evolution in which everyone has the potential to participate.

Sandra is so passionate about the shift to new ways of doing business, - from strategic development and changing internal systems and processes to developing meaningful relationships with wider communities that she has invested her time in broadening her own understanding to ensure she is well equipped to support others in their powerful transition to better business. Sandra’s particular areas of interest include the circular economy, shared value models, collaborative working, equity and the empowerment of women, natural capital, diversity and inclusion and biodiversity in business.

Fundamental to her approach is professional development for employees, supply chain members and co-developing communities, thereby enabling change messages to reach through entire business models. Her innovative approach has been recognised with local and national awards for the ground breaking strategies she has created that have enabled culture change and delivered real world results which go way beyond mere PR gains.

Working with colleagues in all areas of your business Sandra helps you to develop reflective and mindful leadership within your organisation, enabling you to change from within and ensure a permanent culture shift to support your identified values.

Sandra has set herself apart as a thought leader in sustainable business. With a broad range of additional skills which include writing, photography, public speaking, facilitation, lecturing, film-making and graphic design, she will ensure that your workshops are fun and adaptable, your outcomes of the highest professional standards and your expectations exceeded.

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