Executive Coaching

Embedding the changes you plan will not happen overnight. It takes time to engage your team, explain your strategy and enable them to develop the actions they can take.

At Catalicity we build coaching into the heart of your programme to enable your team to take responsibility for their part in delivering objectives.

Sandra Norval has developed the Four Elements, a powerful coaching model which is applied at different levels of your organisation to create bespoke programmes to suit the individuals that make up your team.

How it works

  • Earth


    First we identify the values that drive you, your team and the people working with your organisation. This is the earth, the foundation of your programme.

  • Air


    Next we look at the strengths you have available to use, those with potential to develop and any gaps you need to address. These strengths are as critical to your delivery as the air we need to breathe.

  • Fire


    Bringing these two elements together and challenging the status quo requires courage, so we connect them to fire up the determination to proceed.

  • Water


    With these three elements in place you have everything needed to enable action to flow like water.

Each team, each individual will experience the programme differently, but the net result will build the momentum you need to establish the change you seek.

The elements