Research and Sensemaking

As a successful business no-one knows your organisation and operations better than you and your team. Yet whatever stage your strategy delivery has reached you will be likely to encounter issues which are new to you.

Bold choices in strategic development will involve research into new areas to build your understanding of the issue, then relating it to your organisation. Our research and sensemaking service can be tailored to your needs. It may be as simple as an initial enquiry into an issue that you have identified as a risk area, or a more in depth analysis of ways in which your organisation can adapt.

Your team will have ideas that will get you started but it can be difficult to find time away from daily tasks to focus on research and development of new thinking. This is where we can provide support, helping you to investigate the topic, to consider it in relation to your organisation and to make sense of it in your context.

Our wide range of experience and understanding enables us to explore a broad range of issues, from circular models for your business which make the best use of resources for you and your customers, to palm oil and certified sustainable palm oil; from biodiversity loss and biomimicry (using nature to inspire design) to green and blue infrastructure; from transport and business travel to energy, water and waste.

These are just a few examples and there is no single answer for each issue. Developing sufficient understanding around issues is an important step in planning for change, talk to us about your specific requirements today.