Defining your Business Legacy

Have you ever stopped to consider what your business will leave behind?

We talk of purpose, what it is that your work is all about and how it makes a difference to the society in which you operate. How does it contribute and what is the mark it is making?

On the one hand making your business more sustainable is about identifying those marks you will make. On the other, the real opportunity is in making a decision about which marks you choose to make.

It may be that you want to leave a pool of talent that is able to innovate, deliver positive goods and services, and create a new generation of workers. It could be that you want to invent technology that will provide food or water for everyone. Or it could be as simple as wanting to enable the community in which you operate to have easy access to your services and employment with you.

One thing that is for certain, if you haven't ever thought about it, it can't be core to the decisions you make and how they will play out in the future. Talk to us about how we can help you analyse your impact, define what legacy you actually want to leave and then support you in developing that journey